You are a soul warrior, seeker of truth, protector of spirit, and the collaborating that assists in moving to the side our veils of illusion & pain... empowering & and freeing the limitless timeless essence of our being OUR GOD SPACE.

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The side effects of this self exploration guided by Ophelia are beyond my expectations. I no longer want to go shopping or eat out of boredom, emotion or anxiety.  I’m also sleeping better than I’ve slept in years.  My dreams are vivid again & my creativity is through the roof.  In finding my authentic self, I am rediscoving gifts of powerful intuition, empathy, and compassion.   It’s as if I have been reunited with that fearless 25yr old in me, but better!   I see the world with the wisdom of the masters cheering me along, guiding me.  Serendipity is my new favorite word & I am more open to events beyond my understanding or control. I know that it is all happening perfectly.  It is all happening for me, even the uncomfortable.   

I am in gratitude. 

Meditating is more seamless.  And, with it come ideas for problem solving & business plans that I frankly can’t explain their origination. 

I feel released from my story & all its inaccuracies.  My truth has set me free.  Now I can grow & evolve my spirit.
— Jo Davis 
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Constellation work is one of the most powerful healing experiences I have had. Ofelia, with deep compassion, intuition, and skill; helped me to explore issues in my family constellation. I freed up tremendous amounts of energy to live my life more authentically and joyfully. I have experienced both a workshop and private session with Ofelia and both were profound experiences.”
—  Jennifer S.
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Ofelia instills trust; first and foremost I felt safe with her. She is an extensively trained practitioner who is also innately intuitive. Through her hands and her heart, she provided the opportunity for subtle visions and insights that perhaps I was not yet aware of. She opened the door to my path.
— SJ
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I wanted to thank you for the amazing work and terrific support you have provided me over the last 3 years! It was such an tremendous relief for me to release those feelings I was holding in my body. I have done some body work in the past around my anger toward my mother but mostly from my adult years. I don’t think I ever felt safe enough to work on those earlier fears. I am so grateful to you for the safe space you provide and the kindness you show. I am also thankful for the remarkable talents you possess and the work that you do.