Shamanic Healing


Shamanism is an ancient spiritual and healing tradition found in cultures all over the world. It is a way of life based on the belief that all things, both visible and invisible, are aspects of Spirit.

Shamans view any form of illness as spiritual imbalance or disharmony of the soul, rather than labeling it as a physical, emotional or psychological disease. They seek the root cause of the issue by using both hands on healing techniques and voluntarily entering into non-ordinary states of reality. They are able step beyond the limits of linear time and space for the purpose of bringing back wisdom, healing, power and information.

Benefits of Shamanic Healing

Understand the root cause of your illness and heal it at its source

Increases vitality and life force energy

Strengthens your immune system

Identifies and integrates old lessons from present and past lifetimes

Transforms limiting or negative beliefs

Releases trauma from present and past lives

Provides a deeper knowledge and greater awareness of our Higher Self and our soul purpose

Reconnects you to Spirit/Source, Spirit guides, teachers, and ancestors

Provides new perspective and clarity on how to move forward in your life and achieve your dreams

Shamanic Healing Session

A Shamanic healing session takes place in a safe, comfortable and non-judgmental environment where I create a “sacred space” that is dedicated to the client’s healing.

From the start, I gently encourage and guide my clients to discuss not only why they have come, but to be open to new ways of perceiving their problems.

My focus during the session is to restore balance and wholeness to the client by identifying and addressing the root cause of their issue. Some of the techniques used in a session are soul retrieval, spirit ally retrieval, ancestral clearing, and identifying and transforming energetic blocks.

A session is 1 ½ to 2 hours.


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The services provided by Full Wings - Ofelia Dulko are not to be used as a substitute for health care received by a licensed physician or a mental health professional, but are offered as a complimentary service.