The Constellation Approach

Family Constellations


Family Constellations, is a process that allows us to energetically gain insight and clarity into the hidden dynamics, personal blocks, fears, and patterns that no longer serve us and may be causing us pain, suffering or loss. It can give us a different perspective as to how we are truly connected (or not) to our family, ancestors, friends, organizations, the world and even our soul’s true nature.

During a constellation we are able to identify the root cause of our unresolved issues involving family, health, romance, work or past trauma, even if that cause goes back several generations. This modality has the power shift the way that we see and hold negative familial patterns such as anger, guilt, shame, abuse, addiction and even illness; so that we may understand our lives from a different perspective and thereby be open to new possibilities for a happier and fuller life.


Issues That a Family Constellations Can Address









Life Path / Career


Group Workshop or Organizational Setting

In a safe and non-judgmental environment, participants can have the opportunity to observe, participate and/or set up their own personal constellation regarding a specific relationship or issue that they would like to gain more clarity from. Representatives are chosen and set up in the room based on the information given pertaining to the issue. By accessing the “knowing field,” we gain insight and information as to the root cause of an issue and are able to shift the energy and emotions surrounding it.

Minimum group requirement is 6.

Private Session

Private sessions can be in person, via phone, or video conference. After determining the core issue, we will set up a constellation using wooden figurines or other objects to represent the people, or things that are key to this issue. Together we will connect the dots back to the origin of its cause and explore the dynamics and patterns from a new perspective. You will gain personal awareness, clarity and guidance that will allow you to be open to new possibilities and ways of resolution and healing.

A session is 1 ½ to 2 hours.

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The services provided by Full Wings - Ofelia Dulko are not to be used as a substitute for health care received by a licensed physician or a mental health professional, but are offered as a complimentary service.